The standard edge on all paving stones would be a saw cut edge. With our natural cleft PA flagstone (bluestone), we offer a distressed pitch edge. With this edge treatment, all the edges of each stone are hand tooled to give a more rustic feel with old warm charm.  We offer a variety of hand crafted edges with our thermal treads and coping. We do not offer exposed edge treatments on natural cleft paving (thermal material only).

Flamed Edge

Our flamed edge is our standard edge treatment. This edge is cut 90 degrees from the face of the stone and is torched to give the stone a more natural look instead of a sawn edge, which can show saw marks and other imperfections. This flamed (thermal) edge is complimentary to the thermal finish on the top surface of all exposed edge stock.

Rocked Edge

Our rocked edge is an edge treatment where both the top and bottom of the desired dressed edges are chiseled by hand to give the stone a more distinct, rustic appearance. This edge treatment is a centuries old technique that provides a hand cut natural feel where this look is desired.

Full Bullnose

Our full bullnose edge treatment is another option for those who desire a rounded over edge. This edge is thermal treated after being rounded on the top and bottom of the stone. This edge treatment is commonly used on pool and spa coping to create a more formal appearance.

¾” radius round over

This edge starts off with a thermal finish which we then round over on any exposed edges by ¾”, creating a gentle eased edge that can soften the edge. This treatment is great for pools, spa coping or benches, as it is more comfortable for sitting than other edge treatments with sharp or pointed edges. We also offer many variations of this edge rounding to suit your project’s requirements.


The DuPont edge is a combination of a ¾” radius round over edge depressed into the stone. It is used for more formal applications or in combination with other edge treatments.

Cove DuPont

Our Cove DuPont edge is our newest edge treatment reviving a classical detail. This edge gives a sophisticated look to any project. Quite popular for hearths, mantels, and pier caps, this edge treatment has a series of interesting impressions in the edge profile producing a look of elegance.