Fieldstone – Regular Pennsylvania fieldstone is a very popular palletized stone used to build walls and is also ideal for rock gardens accents and pond edging. This stone is acquired by dismantling existing stone farm walls from the mountains of Pennsylvania.

Colonial – Colonial stone is a wall stone that tends to be easier to work with because of its flatter nature. This stone tends to look “old” from the start of a project with signs of moss and other weathering. Often, the edges of the stones will be snapped in the appearance yielding a more crisp edge. The finished outcome is as wall with a more linear look.

Boulders – Similar and complementary to the fieldstone, our boulders are hand picked for various decorative qualities, which are often found with moss, lichen, and other natural characteristics. Locating these stones throughout a property, in the garden, or around the pond, boulders tie any landscaping together or featured as a single stone or in groups which can look dramatic. These stones are bigger than palletized fieldstone and are available in various shapes and sizes.