Since 1919, we have offered Pa. natural cleft flagstone/ bluestone paving in the following color ranges: full color range, no extreme range (subject to availability), and the blue to gray range. There is no selection for any one particular shade or tone. The pictures displayed on our website are a likely representation of each of the selected ranges. As it is a naturally formed material, all stone is subject to variations in color, thickness and texture. Physical flagstone/ bluestone samples represent the average run only, and are not guaranteed to exactly match the actual merchandise.

Shipping information

All materials at Robinson Flagstone are packaged on heavy duty end gate pallets. Most material is banded or wrapped for secure packaging. A full pallet can weigh 3000 to 4000 plus pounds. Local deliveries are typically hand delivered. For non local deliveries, stone is shipped via common carrier van type trucks or open deck tractor trailers. It is then the recipient’s responsibility to have a forklift or skid steer on site to unload the materials from the truck. For more information on shipping, contact (215) 646-3500.