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Cut to Size Stove Base

This custom-cut to size wood burning stove base was just purchased and installed by a local customer in the spring of 2019. Our customer provided us with his dimensions and a general idea of what he was looking for as a base to a wood burning stove he was installing in his home.

The process began when we drafted a setting sketch for his approval, based on his idea and specifications. Once the sketch was approved, we laid out a working template of the stove base and used it to cut & fabricate each individual piece of stone.

The borders are 4″ thick thermal bluestone with a 3/4″ radius round-over on the exposed edges. The “field” behind the border is 3/4″ to 1″ thick, full color range, natural cleft paving which was installed on a built up setting bed to ensure it was level with the 4″ thick borders.

The customer was able to install this material without having to trim any stones himself, as everything was pre-cut by us. All stones were numbered on the bottom surfaces to coordinate with the sketch making this a “paint by numbers” type project. The end result came out very nicely. If you have a custom bluestone project please feel free to call or email us and we can get to work for you.